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Peetarohana Satabdhi Celebrations in Sankara Mutt

Feb 14 2006 to Feb 13 2007

Ninety nine years ago, on this day (Feb 13,1907), corresponding to the 2nd day of the Tamil month of Masi,the spiritual reign of the 68th Pontiff of SriKanchi Kamakoti Sankara Mutt commenced when the not yet 13 years old Kannada speaking Swaminathan of the Tindivanam Mission High School was anointed as Kanchi Sankaracharya with the hallowed name of SriSriSri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Swamigal, popularly worshipped by the learned and the illiterate across the length and breadth of India as Periyava, the Tamil word for 'The Great'. On that historic day of the world calendar, it will be no exaggeration to say, commenced a new era of Dharma on the earth, as presaged by the worshipful teacher of the sacred scripture, Bhagavad Gita('Sambhavami Yuge,Yuge'). The Sage of Kanchi as His Holiness has come to be called by foreigners and Indians alike, reached the eternal message of this ancient land to its every nook and corner, by travelling only on foot - His reign as one of the acknowledged Spiritual Monarchs of all time, for nearly 87 years forms a glorious chapter of the World History itself.

Humble devotees of the Sage of Kanchi have arranged to celebrate the Centenary year of His spiritual reign from the 2nd of the Masi month of this year, i.e. from the 14th of February 2006 to the 13th of February next year, by having cultural programmes and learned lectures everyday from 6 to 7.30 p.m. in the sacred precincts of His Adhishtanam in the Sankara Mutt, Kancheepuram. Fellow devotees everywhere are invited to participate in these daily programmes and receive the holy Prasadams of the Adhishtanam. Celebrations are on in various other places in India and abroad also to mark this historic event.